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The Full Fitness Approach

Our coaching program includes an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program and support system, designed to get you fit and healthy!

Whole Body Health

Sure, that gym-quality treadmill or multi-part weight contraption might look good in your spare bedroom or den. It might even be fun and motivate you to stick with a fitness routine. But in the end your success depends on you, not pricey equipment or steep monthly gym fees. Whether you have money to burn or are on a tight budget, you can build an entire home gym for a fraction of the price of one fancy machine.

Fitness Training

First, ask yourself some basic questions. What kind of workouts will you be doing? How much space do you have? (A single treadmill, for instance, takes up roughly 30 square feet.) How much money can you spend? And perhaps most important if you’re a beginner, are you physically ready to start working out? Check with your doctor before starting a fitness program, especially if you have any existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, or heart trouble, or if you are at risk for any of these diseases. Come up with a plan and get your doctor’s approval before you start.

Clean Eating

The right foods can provide dramatic protection. For instance, a study of more than 22,000 men, reported in the International Journal of Epidemiology, found that men who ate two-and-a-half servings of vegetables every day lowered their risk of coronary heart disease (blockages in the arteries that feed the heart) by 20 percent compared with men who ate one serving each day. Each additional serving cut the risk by another 20 percent.

Sarah Jade

Certified Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

Sarah is able to offer comprehensive lifestyle plans based on personal goals and needs. She incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, yoga, injury rehabilitation and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client.

Workout Videos

We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or access to a gym.


High-quality, full-length workout videos


Clean eating recipes and tips


15 minute high impact cardio workouts


Weight lifting exercises you can do at home


CrossFit, Yoga & More


Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.


Our coaching program is for everyone.

“I was blown away by the meal plan. It was definitely cheat eating at its finest.””

Sue Smith

Clean Eats Momma Blog

“My body had never been in better shape than when I trained with you.”

Barbara Schumaker

CEO, Rockstar Company

“Your online videos have inspired me to make a change for the better!”

Mark Jones

Bookkeeper, Self Employed


Transform your body in just 15 minutes a day. No equipment required.


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Talk with your physician about the most important steps you need to take to protect your heart. The American Heart Association recommends a checkup every two years, ideally starting at age 20, where your doctor can measure your blood pressure, body mass index, waist circumference, and pulse.

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